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Hello From Taiwan!

Have you you ever had a thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but, for whatever reason, haven’t? One of

MCR Fashion Industry: AW16 Metallica Party

A few weeks ago I received a direct message through my Instagram page from Domain Esdale of Manchester Fashion Industry

FAQ: Can You Recommend A Good Camera For A Beginner?

Of all the questions I get asked through my Facebook and Instagram pages, this must be the most common and it usually

Travels: Amsterdam

I love to travel and this year I’ve been fortunate enough to go to quite a few places.. (New York for an

Good Reads

I met up with my Sister this week and we got talking about the books I’d read this year.. namely 1984 by George

Website update in progress

This website of mine has been the bane of my life. I have struggled with it for a while, but finally I think I’ve

HAPPY 2015!

Farewell 2014 and hello there 2015!  When it comes to New Year Eve, there’s always so much anticipation and

New Business Cards from Moo

I have been invited to a networking event over the weekend and thought it was a good excuse as any to get some new