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FAQ: What Camera Do You Use?

“What camera do you use?” Is a question I’m often asked and although I have written a post about it already (click here) I have since updated my main camera body from a Canon 5D Mark ii to a Canon 5D Mark iii so I thought I would write another post of course post a few new pictures while I’m at it.


So here is the camera I am currently using:

FAQ: What Camera do you use?

The majority of the weddings you may have seen so far were photographed using the Canon 5D Mark ii but going forward I will be using the Canon 5D Mark iii and will have the Mark ii as a back up camera. The Mark iii is said to be much better at focusing and has many more focusing points compared to the previous version. To read a fancy pants (technical) review, check out this post from Digital Rev.

{Emily & Danate | Married}My non technical thoughts are that I like that the bigger display screen on the back and I like that there is now a dual memory card slot (1 for the bigger Compact Flash card and another for the smaller SD card). The Mark iii is also meant to be much better at focusing and faster too which I am looking forward to taking advantage of with my upcoming wedding and portrait work.


When I’m not shooting weddings and portraits, my camera of choice is the Fuji X100 T which I LOVE! It is less bulky and fits into my bag easily and has built in WIFI so you can transfer your pictures straight to your phone via the Fuji App. I have already written a post about this, which you can check out here. This is the camera that I use for the majority of my Instagram posts and was used to take the Canon 5D pictures above. I then used the Canon 5D Miii to take the photograph of the Fuji below. I also used the Fuji to photograph Safrana + Marco’s New York Engagement. If I haven’t got this camera to hand (rare) at a push I will use my iPhone… not the fancy 6s but the mere 4s – in the future I will no doubt upgrade, but for now, I’m good.

FAQ: What camera do you use?