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Fashion Photoshoot: The Shoe That Fits

Nitya contacted me through my Instagram page about working together for her fashion blog, The Shoe That Fits and after checking out her Instagram page and blog I knew instantly that our styles would work well together as she also likes really bright, fresh pictures and the use of natural daylight. We met for the first time on the day of shoot and I really loved that Nitya had a clear idea of what she wanted in terms of what she need for her blog but was relaxed and comfortable in terms of how I achieved that photographically.


For this shoot I initially used my  Canon 50mm F1.4mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark iii camera but moved onto my Canon 100mm F2.8 IS Macro lens for the remainder of the shoot as I had quite a bit of space to play with and it’s been a while since I used that lens. For my last couple of portrait shoots, I have been using my 85mm and 50mm lenses, so it made for a nice change.  The shots of the architecture I did using my Fujifilm X100T. For more information on the lenses and camera I use, click here and here.

Nitya | Fashion BlogNitya | Fashion Blog

The day started off really sunny, but it soon changed to being dull and overcast, which made life a bit easier for me since shooting in mid-day sun is not ideal for portraits because of the harsh shadows and you tend to get a lot of squinting of the eyes. The overcast sky meant that there wasn’t any harsh shadows and the light was softer. Also, because I purposefully chose a location that had a light stone floor and lots of white walls, these acted as a natural reflector and enabled light to bounce back on to Nitya. That said, it is Nitya’s style to wear sunglasses for her fashion blog posts, so the sunglasses would have hidden any shadows but natural reflectors are always a good thing!

Nitya | Fashion Blog

Nitya | Fashion Blog

I love Nitya’s leather pants…

Nitya | Fashion BlogNitya | Fashion BlogNitya | Fashion BlogManchesterFashionBlogger_TheShoeThatFits_ZARACAPETW-18-2Nitya | Fashion Blog

Client: Nitya, The Shoe That Fits

Location: First Street, Manchester, England

Photography: Tanya Weekes