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Hello from New York!

Hello from New York! I’m very, very excited about my first ever engagement shoot abroad! The bride and groom to be kindly arranged for me to stay in New York for two weeks so that I could explore this amazing city. There is so much to see and do here! The first time I came to New York was over 10 years ago as part of a university trip and I remember it being soooooo cold (it was February). This time around, it’s warmer and has a totally different feel. I’ve been exploring Brooklyn and Lower East Side Manhattan. Feel free to check out my Instagram page for more posts from New York.

New York, America

Brooklyn Museum… The last Saturday of every month they have an amazing open day with live music that goes on until 11pm…

NewYork_2015_TanyaWeekes-302_bNew York, America

This is me on The Highline it is like a walkway/park high up in the air and weaves through the buildings. It was once used for trains. They have done it up all fancy with cool benches, beautiful trees and plants. It was nice walking through New York this way… Looking at the streets below.


New York, AmericaSigns everywhere…

New York, America

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New York, AmericaNew York, America

Photography: Tanya Weekes

Location: New York, USA

Airline: American Airlines