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Manchester Photoshoot: Shaunna Henry

It was a pleasure to work once again with stylist/blogger, Shaunna Henry to produce a shoot for her fashion styling blog. To  check out the previous shoot, click here.  I used a mix of two of my prime lenses, the Canon 50mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.8 which I have previously blogged about (here) and headed to a location in Manchester.

Early Autumn

EarlyAutumn_TanyaWeekesPhotography-14Early Autumn

Early Autumn
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Location: Manchester, England

Model: Shaunna Henry

Photography: Tanya Weekes

Safrana Musa

beautiful shoot xx

James Barnor

Tanya is as good in front of the camera, as she is behind, But my advice is that she should try and spend more time modeling, for other photographers! She has more than it takes,…… and Coming from Me, it is no joke!