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My Interview with Hena B Photography

I had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by fellow photographer and friend, Hena B recently for her website. Hena, is such a lovely soul and so inspiring in so many ways, not to mention a yoga bunny. In fact, we are currently working on a blog post together where she will be sharing her Top 5 Yoga Poses to help destress and unwind after a day of photography 🙂  In the meantime, I have included the post from Hena’s website and an extract from the interview I did with her below. To read the full interview and view more pictures, please check out her website…. by clicking here.


I first came across Tanya’s photography on Facebook when I first started wedding photography back in 2013. I instantly fell in love with her work. Her images are light and airy and she really focuses on the details which I really liked. I then met Tanya when we were covering the same wedding, she was taking photos of the grooms side and me for the bride. I got to know her a little when we got a few minutes break for dinner and found Tanya to be a nice and gentle person who I knew I could get along with. I then got to know through her Facebook posts which suggested that Tanya was someone who takes her work very seriously, loves to try new things, does a variety of jobs and is a very interesting person. We now meet up regularly. It’s great having a fellow photographer to talk to and bounce ideas off and share some of the struggles with someone who can relate. Countless teas and conversations later the rest is history.


I recently did a photoshoot for Love Malas and Tanya was kind enough to do the modelling for me. For this blog post I have decided to do an interview with her which I am sure you will find very interesting because I certainly did. Also it will include some of the images from the shoot. Tanya is not just good behind the camera, she’s a professional in front as well.


Here are the questions I asked her along with the answers:

What first sparked your interest in Photography?

Travel and family. I’m from a family that loves taking pictures, I remember my Mum always having a camera. On family holidays I always remember being eager to print the pictures and carefully arrange them in a photo album. I used to take it really seriously and insist on making sure we had photographs at the airport and on the plane as that was also part of the holiday story.

How long have you been practising your craft?

Since 2011.

How did you learn to take such great images?

Practice. Also understanding what makes a great image by studying the images you consider great and how to focus on these elements when taking your own image.

Describe your photography style.

Bright, fresh, clean with emotion and a lifestyle element.

What inspires you?

Everything! People, travel, a sunny day, nice food, the images I see on Instagram and the desire to be better at capturing the interesting things I see.

What has been the most enjoyable experience for you as a photographer?

In 2015, I photographed abroad for the first time – I had an engagement photoshoot in New York, which was amazing and even more so as it led me onto photographing a wedding in Paris. This was great for me because it bought my passion for wedding photography together with my passion for travel.


To read the full interview, feel free to go ahead to Hena’s website by clicking here.


Photography: Hena B

Location: Whitworth Art Gallery