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New Camera! Fuji X100T

I’ve bought a new camera! So excited! For a while now I’ve been thinking how great it would be to have a smaller camera that could provide high quality images that wasn’t a pain to carry around. When I first started my journey into professional photography, I took my Canon 5D MII everywhere, but as time has gone by I have found it increasingly cumbersome to the point where I only take it out for events and photoshoots. I started to use my iPhone but I was always frustrated with the image quality. I mentioned this to a friend who works in a camera shop explaining, “I want a smaller camera that’s not a DSLR that I can wear around my neck and look through like ike an old skool film camera, but it needs to be digital as apposed to a point and shoot (where you are looking at a screen)”,  He mentioned a few cameras to me… and then he mentioned they had a Fuji Film X100s on clearance if I was interested. I instantly fell in love with the classic retro feel the camera had but it was more than I was hoping to pay, so I went home to have a think and do a bit of research.


I discovered that there a new version available, the X100T and that it has a Wifi button that allowed you to transfer the images straight from the camera onto your phone via an app. I was sold! I love posting images on Instagram and on Facebook and this to me was the best thing ever! High quality images from a camera that fits nicely into my bag, is lightweight, looks nice and I don’t have to separately download and then upload images… yes, yes and oh yes! Genius. Also, I forgot to mention, you can set it to take square crop pictures – perfect for Instagram! As this camera was relatively new, there was a bit of a wait, as the stores had to order it in. I eventually bought it at Calumet who offer great customer service.


The picture below is literally me taking the camera fresh out of the box..I was still parked up outside Calumet, but was too excited to see what the camera looked like.


I later ordered a leather case from the camera from Amazon to match my bag and boots… as you do.

x100tCaseTanyaWeekesPhotography-1I’ve been using the camera for a while now and I would definitely say it is well worth it.