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Paris is always a good idea…

I love adventures, especially when they include going abroad. So although I have been to Paris a few times before, when the opportunity to photograph a wedding there was especially exciting. The wedding was on a Saturday (click here for images), but Inès the lovely bride very kindly arranged for me to stay for a long weekend in a lovely apartment in Montparnasse so that I was able to do a bit of site seeing. Inès you are a star!

This time around I figured, I should try and see places I haven’t been to before, so I went to visit the the Notre Dame and the Louvre, both stunning buildings – next time I hope to actually go inside both, time was short! I also visited Pont des Arts …the famous bridge with the love locks. I’d heard that they’d removed the padlocks but they are still there at the entrance of either side of the bridge – it was all really pretty.

I have posted more images on my Instagram page from the trip, so feel free to check that out. I’m looking forward to my next adventure.