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Portrait: Ariam Alula

There was a mix up with the location, the Facebook invite to the Brothas & Sistas of Taiwan event said, “The Diner” and that’s where we went but as fate would have it, there was more than one Diner and the three of us were at the wrong one. This is how I came to meet, Ariam. When I arrived, she was casually sipping on her ginger milk tea, I recognised it from the picture she’d posted on the Facebook group where she also mentioned the location mix up.  I arrived with travel blogger, Mishele Morgan, who I recently photographed.


The three of us introduced ourselves and shared our experiences of living in Taiwan over Enchiladas and eggs Benedicts.  I learned that Ariam is a writer from New York of Eritrean descent with an amazing blog (homecoming91.com) that explores her observations through life and travels from Eritrea to the world beyond. I asked if I could have the honour of photographing her for my blog, she kindly obliged and so here are those pictures.

Ariam  has a laid back, quietly confident, free-spirited vibe going on. She is bold with an adventurous traveller spirit. She’s the type that always dances as if nobody’s watching without the need of dutch courage. Reading her blog inspires you to travel more, read more and dig a little deeper. It was my pleasure to photograph her.

Sometimes in life when things don’t go quite as planned, they actually lead you to something better. I’m glad the three of us ended up at the wrong location. We were able to get to know each other more personally which we may not have done in a bigger gathering. I look forward to crossing paths with more creatives during my stay in Taiwan, it is always an inspiration.

Photography by Tanya Weekes

Featuring Ariam Alula

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan