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If you’ve read my previous blog post, “Hello From Taiwan!” you will know that this year I decided to do something I have always wanted to do, which is live in another country. Whilst I have been based in Taiwan, I have written more posts about travel as this is something I get asked about quite a lot. One of my recent posts, about travelling solo and a chance encounter in the capital of Taiwan led me to connect to fellow creative and blogger, Mishele.

The story goes a little something like this: I was in the capital of Taiwan (Taipei) for a lunch date. On my way back home, after said lunch date, I spotted a Forever 21 so decided to partake in a little retail therapy. I saw a few things that I liked, so decided to try them on.. as usual, most of what I picked up looked better on the hanger. Now suddenly aware of the time, I decided to hot step it to the bus station and make my way home as it was getting late. On my way out of the changing rooms, my eyes connected with a fellow brown skin girl but conscious of time nothing more than a glance was exchanged.  However, thanks to the magic of Facebook (we had a mutual friend in common) and after reading my blog post about Travelling Solo, where I talk about reaching out to people through social media, Mishele sent me a lovely e-mail and long story short, we arranged to meet up.

Mishele is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Canada. She is one of those people that you find yourself talking non-stop too, like you would with old friends, even though you’ve just met. A few weeks after our first meet up, we met up again. This time we went exploring Miaoli, North-West of Taiwan.  First, we caught the bus to Xiangtian Lake.

Next we went to Xian Mountain Temple in the middle of the Xianshan. The temple is 900m up a mountain. From the bottom looking up you can see the mist and fog coming over the mountain, sometimes, the temple is barely visible. Apparently it was built high up in the mountain surrounded by clouds so that people who made the journey up could forget their worries and feel refreshed.

It was great capturing Mishele’s portrait in a relaxed, fun setting. I used my Fuji X100t and took advantage of the natural light. I look forward to photographing Mishele again.

Photography: Tanya Weekes

Featuring: Mishele Morgan

Location: Nanzhuang, Taiwan