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Portrait Session: Becky

Becky is one of those people that is always doing something. She is enthusiastic and passionate about lots of different things whether it’s a new business venture or her health and fitness regime, her approach is always 100% committed and full steam ahead. She is also a dental therapist. When she approached me to make a donation to DentalAid and explained to me about her involvement with the charity and her upcoming trip to Uganda, it got me thinking, in addition to donating, how else I could help her with her fundraising mission.. *Cue new blog post*

Dental Aid really is a great charity. The dental equipment and training it provides ensures communities that are struggling with dental care no longer need to suffer the debilitating pain caused by untreated tooth decay but can enjoy healthy and productive lives. I love that Becky is taking the time out to use her dentistry skills where they are most needed to really make a difference to people’s lives.  To make a donation and support Becky’s mission, click here to donate.

Becky | Portrait

Becky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitManchesterFemalePhotographer_TanyaWeekes_Becky-21
Becky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitBecky | PortraitLocation: Manchester, England

Client: Rebecca Dore

Photography: Tanya Weekes

Safrana Musa

Beautiful pictures Tanya !!! Becky your hair looks amazing good luck with your work in Uganda !! X

Marie Garel

Awesome ladies 🙂