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Whatever type of work you do, it’s so important to take time out to relax and unwind. As a wedding photographer, I’m often on my feet for ten hours or more with my heavy camera and a bag of lenses. By the time I get back home, I’m shattered but at the same time my mind is still racing from the days events. When I was first starting out, my photographer mentor, Paul Craig, used to call it, “tired and wired”. It got me thinking about the best way to unwind and get rid of the tension in my hands and shoulders because I’m guessing having a cup of tea and scrolling through Instagram probably isn’t the best thing. I got to thinking about my friend Hena B.

Hena is a fellow wedding photographer and business woman as well as being a wife, mum of four and a yoga bunny. She has a wise, gentle spirit and a calm energy – I often wonder how she manages it all. I asked her to share her top 5 yoga poses and wisdom on what helps her to relax and unwind after a busy day and of course let me photograph her doing all of the above…So in Hena’s words:

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

Yoga is important to me because it helps me to stay balanced. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise and movement in everyday. I have been practising yoga for the past 5 years and been meditating for the past year. I like to spend at least 10 minutes a day meditating, more if I can fit it in. I love reading and my favourite authors at the moment are Sally Kempton, Caroline Myss and Nathaniel Branden.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

UTTANASANA: Forward Bend – is a great position to begin with because it just helps release the back and get a nice stretch on the backs of the legs.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA: Downward facing dog – helps to release the shoulders and get a good all round stretch.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

URDHVA MUKHA SVANASANA Upward facing dog is a nice gentle backbend which help to release built up tension in the back.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

EKA PADA RAJAKAPOTASANA: Pigeon Pose is a great pose to release the hips which is just what is required after standing for 6 hours. This is one of my favourite poses to do after a long day.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

GARUDASANA: Eagle pose hands is a great pose for releasing the shoulders, especially good for photographers as there will be a build-up of tension due to handling the camera all day.

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

Hena is wearing a gorgeous mala necklace from Love Malas

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

Hena B | Top 5 Yoga PosesHena B | Top 5 Yoga Poses

Extra special thankyou to Hena for sharing her wisdom and favourite yoga poses and kindly agreeing for me to photograph her. Be sure to check out Hena’s website and anyone interested in the jewellery from the shoot, check out, Love Malas. Also special thanks to Ashleigh Louise who did a great job on creating a natural make up look.


Model: Hena B

Make up: Ashleigh Louise

Accessories: Love Malas

Location: Manchester, England

Photography: Tanya Weekes

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