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Vermillion Mehndi Party: Manahil

Bride-to-be, Manahil contacted me through my Facebook page enquiring about my services for her upcoming mehndi party at the Vermillon & Cinnabar in Manchester. I have been there a couple of times.. it is very stylish and the food is also amazing – a mixture of Thai and Indian. It was my first time photographing there so I was particularly excited to see it as an event venue. As it turned the actual party was through a smaller room, upstairs at the back of the Cinnabar (the upstairs bar area of the restaurant). The room was the perfect size for the party.

Vermillion Mehndi | Manahil

On each table there were menus and cards explaining the mehndi traditions which Manahil made herself. I love when brides add DIY elements to their day, I think it makes their special day all the more unique..


Photography by Tanya Weekes www.tanyaweekes.com

Lead crystal decanters and candles with beautiful mehndi designs were on each table, the overall look was lovely and unique.

Vermillion Mehndi | ManahilVermillion Mehndi | Manahil

The table decorations were put together by Manahil’s cousins and auntie – they also looked great.


Miniature desserts 🙂


I love the lighting at the Vermillion, it is different to any other venue I have photographed.


Photography by Tanya Weekes www.tanyaweekes.com


Manahil’s sister, was on hand to hold the henna as she sat with her sister. The henna is traditionally painted on the hands and feet at mehndi parties.


Manahil’s henna design was done by Tehera Rouf of Henna Hands

Vermillion Mehndi | Manahil

Manahil’s mehndi party was lovely and a joy to photograph, I wish her and her husband-to-be the very best iA.


Venue: Vermillon & Cinnabar

Make up: Nida Glamour World

Henna Design: Henna Hands

Photography: Tanya Weekes