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I like to travel..abroad. Often. Places that I haven’t been where there are blue skies and sunshine. I like to dance, I like first times… Every year I vow to learn a language – I will get there one day. I like to keep my diary full or new experiences. One day I hope to live abroad.

Travels: The Philippines

A few blog posts ago I wrote about why I’ve decided to start my year from Taiwan. While I am in this part of the

How To Travel Abroad Often

People often say to me, “You’re always abroad” or “You’re always travelling” and a

Hello From Taiwan!

Have you you ever had a thing that you’ve always wanted to do, but, for whatever reason, haven’t? One of


I love travelling abroad and experiencing new things so when Sienna Brown contacted me through Instagram to attend Las

Travels: Dubai

I love visiting new places, every time I go on a little adventure, I feel like I come back a little richer. I came

My Interview with Hena B Photography

I had the pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by fellow photographer and friend, Hena B recently for her

My Top 5 Tips for Aspiring Photographers

I was recently interviewed for an up-and-coming new website and asked the question, “What would your advice be


As this year draws to an end, I find myself thinking about the new year ahead and reflecting on the year past and the

Travels: Madrid

I’m a big believer of living life to the fullest which for me means exploring, travelling, trying new things and

Travels: Amsterdam

I love to travel and this year I’ve been fortunate enough to go to quite a few places.. (New York for an

Good Reads

I met up with my Sister this week and we got talking about the books I’d read this year.. namely 1984 by George

Paris is always a good idea…

I love adventures, especially when they include going abroad. So although I have been to Paris a few times before, when

Hello from New York!

Hello from New York! I’m very, very excited about my first ever engagement shoot abroad! The bride and groom to

New Camera! Fuji X100T

I’ve bought a new camera! So excited! For a while now I’ve been thinking how great it would be to have a

Humbah Aguiar

Hi Beautiful…kisses