Tanya Weekes » Natural light photography

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    Live every moment, laugh everyday, love beyond words.. I try to do all three often. I love new adventures and getting lost in a place unexplored. I have the best job in the world because I also capture these moments through photographs. Photographic memories of the things you love and the things you never want to forget - beautiful moments.


“You truly have the ability to capture those priceless moments, more so you reveal the little magic that the people you take can feel but couldn’t catch or reproduce. In your pictures you reveal the beauty of people getting married, each so uniquely. I can’t see a standard method applied to all instead I see unique captions that embody all the attentions brought by the people attending. That¬†it may be a shot of the cup of teas chosen specifically for the day, or a little frame carefully placed on a table or again a focus on a child’s face taking in the¬†ceremony with a naive wonder. These shots show the making of the day; combined with clever compositions and unusual crops the results are truly touching, natural and vibrant”.
– Stephanie & Chris